Step 1:

This is the first step in the custom order process. It consists of a meeting of the client with the designer of Labarang Designs.

The meeting can be in-person or through video chat.

In this phase, the client and the designer will discuss the purpose of the garment and all the details that could help bring the vision to life.

All clients are encouraged to communicate all design ideas in detail and provide pictorial visuals of those ideas in order to ensure both parties understand what is to be achieved 

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Please note that for any dress designs chosen by the client Labarang Designs is not the original designer, Labarang Designs cannot guarantee that the dress will be made 100% similar to the original design (only the original designer can do that). However, we will be able to recreate the dress with high similarity to the original design. 

Step 2:

Collaborating at Work

Design detail & contract: In this phase, the client is asked to review all the details of the garment and the quick sketch to ensure that the vision has properly been captured and that the client understands Labarang Designs Policies.

Measurements can be done in person by the Designer during the consultation or remotely. For clients unable to come in person, they can will receive a measurement form that they can fill out themselves or with the help of their local tailor. Please be sure to fill out every item on the measurement sheet and check the measurements thoroughly for possible inaccuracies and incomplete/missing measurements before submitting it back to us. Labarang Designs will not be held responsible for any sizing/fitting mishaps caused by inaccurate measurements.

 After all the measurements have been taken, we will need  a deposit of 60% of the total amount of your order deposit before we begin with the production of your garment. Production will only commence once the measurements and the deposit have been received by Labarang Designs. 

Please note that due to the custom nature of our dresses, Labarang Designs does not accept exchanges, refunds or cancellations on any orders. All sales are FINAL. Once an order has been placed and payment has been made, all payments are applied to the making of your dress including securing the fabric from outside vendors and stopping payments already made to vendors is not possible


Step 3

The fitting service is rendered to clients able to appear in person at the Labarang Designs office. Clients unable to appear in person at the Labarang Designs office will have their dresses shipped to them at the addresses provided by the client.

The remaining 40% (forty percent) payment on the work order is due before the garment is picked up or shipped out. Please note that under no circumstance will any garment be released to the client for pick up or shipping without the balance payment being made and confirmed.


Pick up / Delivery:   The “said” payment must first be confirmed by Labarang Designs before a pickup date can be arranged or shipping can be done. It is therefore important that clients make adequate preparations early on for account balances to be paid in full before pick-up or shipping. 

After the client has made full payment on the remaining balance, Labarang Designs will confirm payment. Upon confirmation of payment, we will contact the client to arrange a pickup date and time for clients preferring pick-up services. For clients preferring postal services, we will contact the client to provide a mailing address to which the package will be shipped. In the case where unplanned expedited shipping has to be made due to the client’s actions, the client will be solely responsible for 100% of the expedited shipping cost and will be billed before the shipment is made. Once an order has been shipped or picked up, Labarang Designs will no longer be responsible for the order regardless of whether or not the order has arrived at its destination. The client releases Labarang Designs of all liability and responsibility immediately after an order has been shipped or picked up.

Delivery Men